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leave wishes or advice or love for the new mr and mrs !

The best gift for us is having our family and friends with us to celebrate this amazing day.

Monetary gifts for our honey pot to fund our future endeavors are appreciated, but by no means expected.

Here are some gift options that we would like the most... 

- As we walk down the aisle ooh and ahh 

- Please no phones during the ceremony, we have two photographers and a videographer to capture our moments but....
we want all the memories we can get so take as many pictures as possible before and after and blow up our phones so we can check them out the next day

- When they announce us as fully bound together as lovers, cheer extremely loud like your team just scored the winning homerun/goal/touchdown

- When they greet us into the reception wave the pom poms, hoot and holler, scream, whistle, cheer so loud they have to tell us to be quiet 

- Drink and eat until you are overly satisfied

- Dance to, at the minimum 2 songs, and then keep dancing until you can't anymore 

- Rada and Mira are really special to us, make sure to say hi even though they will be shy, they speak Russian, Latvian, and some English, but we all know most kids' communication is best through warm smiles, high fives, and saying woah! so cool! 

- Take your portrait with the photographer at the portrait studio near the reception 

- We want to connect with everyone, we know it will be difficult to share so little time with everyone, so, we ask that you bombard us with your love, stories, well wishes, share a drink with us, dance with us, and don't be afraid to come and connect anytime of the night.

- Lots of hugs are appreciated 
Wedding Bouquet
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